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Welcome to the homepage of the Dutch Shoulder and Elbow Society. The Dutch Orthopaedic Society [Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging] (NOV) is the umbrella organization of orthopaedic surgeons in the Netherlands. The NOV has a number of sub-societies which focus especifically on a sub-speciality of orthopaedic surgery. The orthopaedic surgeon who belongs to a society therefore has a special interest in, and knowledge of, that sub-speciality within orthopaedics. The orthopaedic surgeons that are a member of the Dutch Shoulder and Elbow Society are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder and elbow problems.


Complaints of the shoulder and the elbow can be seen in relationship to each other. In addition, these joints are parts of a chain of joints (e.g. neck, back, scapula) working together in order to be able to move the arm regularly. Problems affecting the neck and scapula are also frequently regarded as part of this chain problem.

Generally speaking, knowledge about shoulder and elbow problems and the possible treatments, has increased hugely during the last 15 years. It is quite reasonable to believe that this knowledge will continue to grow in the next years as well.